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Rick Lagina Bio

Rick Lagina is a passionate treasure hunter known for appearing on the show ”The Curse of Oak Island”. He is also a retired US postal worker from Northern Michigan. He was just 11 years old when he first read about the treasure in Reader’s Digest in January 1965. Since then, he has always wanted to solve the Oakland Island mystery. It was in the year 2006 that Rick and his brother, Marty Lagina premiered in the show. The brothers have proven to survive the impossibilities and difficult circumstances of the treasure hunt.

Rick Lagina Net Worth

His estimated net worth is about 3.5 million dollars. He has acquired this wealth through his career as a tv personality. However, this amount is lower compared to most of his partner’s yearly earnings.

Rick Lagina Age

He is an American national born on 25th January 1952. Rick is 70 years old.

Rick Lagina Height\Weight

He stands at an average height of 1.75m while his weight is 69kg.

Rick Lagina Wife

He is single and has never been married. Let’s just say that he chose to be celibate or he is secretive.

Rick Lagina Family

He comes from a family of five.  He has three siblings; Marty Lagina, Teresa, and  Martina. Their mother is Ann Cavalieri and their father is George Jacob Lagina.

Rick Lagina Brother

Marty is the brother of Rick Lagina. He is an engineer and star producer of The  Curse of Oak Island. Marty is originally from Kingsford, Michigan, United States. He was born on August 1955 and he is currently 67 years old. The Lagina brothers are known for their dream of solving the Oakland Island mystery together since childhood. In addition, Marty is one of the main investors in the treasure hunt at Oak Island. He is also part owner of Oak Island  Tours Incorporated.

Rick Lagina Death

According to our sources, he is alive and in good health. The news of his death is nothing but rumors which have spread like a wildfire.

Rick Lagina Oak Island

As a young boy, he dreamt of solving the Oak Island mystery and he gained interest in the treasure hunt in January 1965. The show has 10 seasons composed of 168 episodes. In the 10th season, Ricky and Marty Lagina along with their team have come up with new strategies in an attempt to solve e the treasure hunt mystery.

One year ago the team discovered high traces of both gold and silver in the  Money  Pit area. They will work with geoscientist Dr. Ian Spooner in an effort to locate the origin of the treasure. According to a theory by the late author Zena Halpern, the medieval religious order may have buried treasure on the island more than seven centuries ago.

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